How Do You Make Free Rental Lease Forms?


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Free and customizable rental lease forms are available through the Rocket Lawyer website. Site users can customize the form with the rent amount, the rent payment schedule and late fees. The option for adding a property description is also available when tailoring the form to a specific property.

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State laws vary from state to state, but they all dictate that both a landlord and a tenant have some responsibilities. A landlord is usually expected to take care of repairs and to make certain the leased property is habitable, and the tenant is required to pay rent and utilities as outlined in the lease, says Rocket Lawyer. Lease forms are customizable using those standard expectations, but giving the user the ability to create a document specific to the property being leased.

Landlords can also create free residential lease agreements at the LawDepot website. There are options for the user to specify the location of the property, whether there is an option to purchase, the amount of the payments, details about the security deposit, and whether or not the tenant can make improvements to the property. There is also the option to add information regarding the potential termination of the lease, says the LawDepot.

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