How Do You Make a Quality Agenda for a Business Meeting?


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Being mindful of a meeting's purpose and participants are the key elements to creating an effective business plan agenda. Starting from this perspective, meeting organizers can create agendas that allow each participant to leave a meeting feeling like his presence was both needful and useful to the organization.

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First, create agendas that list points relevant to each participant in the meeting. If not relevant, the item(s) or participant(s) should be excluded from the meeting. The created agenda, along with any important additional information, should be sent to each participant ahead of time to prepare the participants for the meeting.

Additional information that should be included with the agenda, when applicable, includes who is responsible for each point, how much time is allotted for each point, whether each point is open for discussion or is strictly for information, and a projected time when the meeting is to end.

Lastly, agendas are most effective when they include action items to be completed for each point where taking action is necessary. Even if the attendees themselves consider a meeting to be successful, they can afterward become frustrated and disorganized if clear direction is not given during the meeting on items that require action.

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