How Do You Make a Proposal Letter to a Company About a New Idea?

make-proposal-letter-company-new-idea Credit: Robert Deutschman/Stone/Getty Images

An effective proposal letter to a company about a new idea begins with a well-thought out idea and ends with a well-formatted proposal. Good ideas are ubiquitous. The creator should spend time with the idea and write out a set of questions that help expand on the idea itself, as well as its relationship to the company receiving the proposal.

Even a good, well-thought out idea is not enough; strong proposal is necessary. This means formatting the proposal correctly. The Houston Chronicle suggests beginning with a letterhead that includes a name, address and contact information. One should begin the proposal itself with a formal greeting to the appropriate contact at the company; preferably, someone with whom the proposal writer has a connection. The writer should provide any relevant background or history associated with this communication early and succinctly in the proposal. The proposal writer must let the company know in detail what he or she hopes to gain from the partnership, making sure the company knows why they specifically are being contacted. The proposal writer needs to make himself very familiar with the company the proposal is being submitted to. For instance, companies that have a reputation for being creative are often open to creative proposals. Finally, he must include supporting documentation, and, at the end of the proposal, he should include a specific request that encourages the company to follow up with him.