How Do You Make a Professional Resume?


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Make a professional resume by using a word-processing program to list your contact information, career objectives, work experience, education, activities and skills. Keep the resume to one page unless you need to list numerous certifications.

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  1. List your contact information

    Place your name, phone number and email address at the top of the resume, and use a bold type that is slightly larger than that used for the rest of the document. List a professional social media contact or website if you have one.

  2. Write your objective or summary

    Under your contact information, include a short paragraph describing the type of work you do. List a general description of the type of work you're looking for, such as "a managerial position".

  3. Detail your work experience

    Write a short paragraph for each major position you have held. List the employer name and your years of service for each role. Provide a description of the type of work you performed, and include any significant goals you achieved.

  4. List your educational background

    List each educational facility you attended, the years of attendance and the resulting diploma, degree or certification. It is not necessary to include a grade point average unless you hold a specific achievement award. If you are still in school, place this section before the work-experience section.

  5. Mention your activities

    Include a small section that details your volunteer work or leadership roles. This section gives employers information about your interests and your commitment to the community.

  6. Describe your skills

    Use this paragraph to mention skills you possess that are specific to the job you're seeking. List computer skills, laboratory experience and knowledge of foreign languages.

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