How Do You Make Printable Name Tags?

How Do You Make Printable Name Tags?

To make printable name tags, download name tag template software, open the software, choose the desired template, type in the names, and print out the name tags on special label paper. Provide markers for guests to fill in their names.

Free template software is available for download from companies such as Avery and Brother, as of 2015. This software is compatible with most computer systems.

Once you download the software, open it, and choose Labels from the Tools drop-down menu. Click the Options button in the next box, and choose the preferred name tag template.

To make special text appear on every name tag, type the text into the top box, and click OK to open the name tags in the template program. If the employees or guests are to write in their own names, print the tags now. Alternatively, type individual names into each tag, and then print the tags.

If using perforated label paper, separate the names, and attach them to name tag holders. Some label paper is made with stickers. In this case, you can stick the name tag stickers to shirts or badges. Remember to provide markers if guests need to fill in their name tags.