How Do You Make Printable Logos?


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Printable logos need to be created as vector images, using a program such as Adobe Illustrator, so that the image doesn't lose quality when increased to a large size. Traditional bitmap image types, such as JPEG, have a fixed resolution and are not suitable for printable logos.

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To create a vector printable logo, a business needs to use software that can save images as a vector-capable file. Vector files include EPS, AI and PDF. Examples of software that can be used to create vector logos include Lineform, FreeHand, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Photo editing software, such as Photoshop, can sometimes create vectors, but are usually not suitable for designing professional logos.

It is important that printable logos don’t lose quality at any size. Business logos are often printed on large advertisements or even billboards, so the images have to scale. Lines, curves and other features also need to appear smooth, which is why vector file types are essential.

Regular images are made up of a fixed number of pixels, so if the size is increased beyond the resolution the pixels become large, creating a grainy image. Vector images don't have this problem, as they use mathematical formulas instead of standard pixels.

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