How Do You Make Your Own Grocery List Template?

How Do You Make Your Own Grocery List Template?

A template is a framework that's created once and then used repeatedly. For a template of a grocery list, decide how you want it organized. Include the basic categories so you don't forget key items. Print blank copies of the template to be filled in each week with a detailed list.

  1. Compile a list of categories

    Decide which categories you will include on the template. You can list categories alphabetically or by major food groups. Another popular tactic is to organize categories according to their location in your favorite store.

  2. Include stock items

    Create columns in each category for items you buy each time you shop. Add a column for items you need occasionally. A third column might be reserved for unusual items you will use just once for special meals or occasions.

  3. Take inventory

    Clip a blank copy of the template to your refrigerator. Check the refrigerator and cupboards to see which items you always need on hand, such as bread or eggs, and add them to the list. Decide which meals will be cooked this week, and note the ingredients. Before you put away groceries from your last trip, make a list of products you bought as well as items you may have forgotten, and make sure their categories are covered on the template.