How Do You Make Your Own Certificates?

How Do You Make Your Own Certificates?

To make your own certificates, access the website of Microsoft Office Online or other relevant websites such as 123 Certificates, and use the templates available. Alternatively, design the certificate using a word processor or publishing program on a computer, and print it on a certificate paper.

On the Microsoft Office Online website, click on Templates, located at the right top corner of the page. Then, click on Certificates located under Browse by Category towards the left side of the page. This leads to a page containing several certificate template options for various occasions. Click on the desired template, and open it in PowerPoint Online to customize and print the certificate.

On the 123 Certificates website, click on a suitable template from the options given, and then click on Change Font, Change Color and the text on the template to make appropriate changes. Finally, click on Print, located just above the template.

When designing a certificate using a suitable computer program, set the page, its borders, its font and its color as desired. Use the clip art and borders available, or download more from the Internet. Enter the required wording, add a relevant logo or other graphics, and print the certificate on card stock.

If required, affix a sticker or seal on the printed certificates.