How Do You Make an Orlandi Valuta Money Transfer?

make-orlandi-valuta-money-transfer Credit: Ulrich Baumgarten/Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

It is possible to make an Orlandi Valuta money transfer in person, online, by phone or by mobile phone, according to Western Union. Despite Orlandi Valuta having merged with Western Union, money transfer operations have remained the same, and customers can still safely transfer funds to and from Mexico using this service.

Making an Orlandi Valuta money transfer in person is a simple process involving a trip to any Orlandi Valuta store, explains Western Union. An agent provides money transfer forms and asks for the amount of money to be transferred. Customers can pay with either cash or a debit card. After completing these steps, the customer gives both the forms and the method of payment to the agent, and the receiver of the funds is then able to pick up the transferred money at a location of his choice.

Customers can also transfer money online by creating a free account on the Western Union. From there, they can select the blue Send Online Now link and easily begin the process of securing a money transfer, notes Western Union. It is also easy to transfer money by phone, by calling a toll-free number and paying with a debit or credit card. The receiver can then pick up the money at any participating agent location within minutes. By mobile phone, customers have the option of sending funds to another mobile phone and storing that money in a mobile wallet.

To ensure satisfaction with their service, Orlandi Valuta, in conjunction with Western Union, always provides a confirmation number to use if a problem arises.