How Do You Make an Organizational Chart?

make-organizational-chart Credit: Hiob/E+/Getty Images

An organization chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization. It includes the relationships and the relative roles of the company's departments and employees. Organization charts are used as communications tools that demonstrate reporting and management relationships. Great organizational charts can be created relatively quickly using software programs.

  1. Select your software

    A variety of specialty software packages are available for purchase at most office supply retailers. Smaller companies that already utilize Microsoft Word or PowerPoint could use one of those programs. They both include easy-to-use drawing tools.

  2. Create your layout

    Begin to draw shapes to represent each individual in the organization. Start at the bottom, and work your way up the chain of command to the CEO. Often, department heads will appear under the CEO but horizontal to each other. Reporting and cooperative relationships are shown with solid lines connecting the shapes. Indirect relationships are indicated with dashed lines.

  3. Fill in names and positions

    Within each shape, enter the name of the employee being represented along with his job function or title. With some software packages, a text box may need to be drawn and placed within each before typing the information in each position. In addition, color coding can be used to represent various hierarchies or departments.