How Do You Make an Online Payment to SCJ Insurance?

How Do You Make an Online Payment to SCJ Insurance?

Customers can go to the official website and log in to their accounts to make the online payment, notes SCJ Insurance. Before customers can make their payments through the website, they must create an online account with their insurance broker.

There are other options for paying SCJ Insurance online including, the customer's bank online bill pay or a bill paying service, states Kiplinger's. For instance, customers of Bank of America can use their bill paying service available free for any checking account.

  1. Go to Bank of America
  2. Visit Enter the online checking account username and password in the "Secure Log-in" form in the upper left-hand side of the page. If online banking has not yet been set up, customers can do this by clicking on the "Enroll" link on this form.

  3. Set up Bill Pay
  4. Click on the "Bill Pay" tab in the online account. Accept the terms and conditions for using online bill payments. Use a physical copy of a SCJ bill to add the insurance account information to the bank's Bill Pay service.

  5. Make a payment
  6. Select the "Make a payment" option. Select SCJ Insurance as the payee. Choose the payment date and amount of the payment. Click to confirm approval for the payment and the money will be deducted from the checking account and sent electronically to SCJ.