How Do You Make an Online Payment to Kohls?


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As of 2015, make online payments to a Kohl's credit card by signing in to the company's online charge account portal, according to the company's customer service website. Register the credit card by inputting the 12-digit account number and then creating a user name and password.

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The user name and password provide future access to the payment website, notes Kohl's. Customers can make free online payments, access transaction history, view monthly statements and maintain the charge account. Individuals who forget any part of their login information can click Forgot User Name or Forgot Password. Kohl's asks the user for his 12-digit charge account number, followed by additional security questions, to confirm the user's identity before revealing a user name or changing a password.

Individuals can schedule one payment per day, up to 180 days in advance, says Kohl's. Online bill payments made after 7 p.m. CT post the following day. Third-party bill payment systems may take longer to send payments -- up to five business days in some cases -- because some online bill pay providers send physical checks to the department store.

The maximum single payment someone can make to Kohl's is $3,000, according to the retailer. Customers can pay more than $3,000 by scheduling payments for different days or by varying the method of payment. For example, an individual can pay $3,000 online in one day and then pay another $3,000 in a store.

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