How Do You Make an Online Payment With Comenity?

You make an online payment with Comenity by logging into your online account at the Comenity website, reports the company. Register for online access with your account number, and follow the instructions on how to set up an online account.

With online account access, you can schedule an online payment up to 30 days before the bill is due, and it is automatically debited from your checking account on the selected date. All payments need to be submitted before 6 p.m. Eastern Time in order for your account to be posted the same day, unless you choose another date for the payment to post, explains Comenity.

You can also choose to pay your bill in store, if the retailer listed on your card has a store in your location. Dropping off an in-store payment means the payment can be applied to your account the same day. You can check the back of your billing statement to see if in-store payments are an option for your account. You can also send your payment and payment coupon by mail in the envelope that comes with your billing statement. If you need your payment credited to your account the same day, you can call the customer service number located on the back of your billing statement to make a payment, Comenity reports.