How Do You Make an Online Bill Payment for an ExxonMobil Credit Card?

To make an online bill payment for an ExxonMobil personal credit card, visit, navigate to Gas Cards & Payment, select Consumer Credit Card, locate and select the Manage Your Accounts option at the bottom right of the Web page and click Log In under ExxonMobil Smart Card. This link directs traffic to the Exxon Mobil-specific credit card account website hosted and maintained by Citigroup.

After following the link through to the Citigroup website, you can check your balance, make payments and viewing your purchase history. You can also schedule future payments in advance.

Accessing the online payment portal requires you to register your ExxonMobil credit card. If you haven't done this yet, there is a link immediately below the sign-in box on the log-in page where you can register your credit card.

An ExxonMobil credit card's benefits include saving 6 cents per gallon on Exxon or Mobil branded fuel, access to over 200,000 Cirrus ATMs across the United States, and using the card to pay for gas at the pump and also refreshments from the station. ExxonMobil also provides security protections, including identity theft solutions provided through Citi if you become a victim of identity theft and a zero fraud liability policy. Furthermore, ExxonMobil makes it easy to use your account by providing a free Speedpass; you just point the Speedpass key tag at the pump and begin pumping.