How Do You Make Money Writing?


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Writers can earn income by writing for online content mills, contributing advertising copy to companies, and writing blogs and articles for various corporations. Individuals can also submit query letters to magazines and be paid a flat rate for accepted article ideas.

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An increasing number of small companies and larger corporations seek to add appealing content to their websites. This content provides supplemental resources to their customers in addition to the products and services they offer. These companies often look for writers to create these resources in the form of articles and blog entries. Companies may hire writers for short- or longer-term projects, and may pay per-entry or negotiate other pay rates.

Content mills are often viewed negatively, notes Writer's Digest, However, each writer's income needs are different. Some online writing hubs pay $5 or $10 per article, and others pay more. Writers may find it useful to incorporate writing for one of these online content publications in-between contracts or for quick, extra cash.

Online and print magazines often seek writers to submit query letters, or article ideas, and pay a flat rate for article ideas once they are accepted. Query letters should indicate what a writer wants to discuss in the article, how it's relevant to the magazine, and why the writer is the best candidate for this submission. Individuals should submit query letters to multiple magazines to increase their income potential.

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