How Do You Make Money Selling Baked Goods?


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Make money selling baked goods by starting a home baking business, wherein the production of products takes place within a home, and selling the items locally or through partnerships with local stores. Making money with a commercial baking business or bakery involves careful money management, choosing the right facilities and creating a unique value proposition.

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A home baking business offers several advantages over a traditional bakery, with the most significant being that there is no need to rent a storefront and commercial baking equipment. However, these types of business may require special licenses or approval from a food inspector. Some states also may not allow these types of businesses, depending on their cottage food laws. Once the business is operational, you need to secure a method for selling the items, which typically must take place at another location. This can include creating a website for custom orders, selling them through farmer's markets or by contracting with local businesses.

In terms of making a commercial baking company profitable, the process begins by determining the average monthly operational costs to determine how much revenue you need to break even. From here, you need to determine the cost of ingredients and locate any redundancies in spending to reduce losses. Marketing the baker or business is vital to increasing sales, with some methods including creating a specialty for the business to earn notoriety or competing in a baking competition to spread the word about the company.

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