How Do You Make Money That Pays Today?

How Do You Make Money That Pays Today?

Some money-making strategies that pay immediately include selling plasma, returning old purchases, selling items on Craigslist and selling scrap metal. All of these options can be performed in a day and yield immediate cash.

Most major cities have plasma centers that pay donors immediately for donations. Most centers allow donations up to twice a week, and the process typically takes no more than an hour. Plasma donors must be in good health and drug-free.

Returning old purchases to retail stores in another way to make quick cash, provided that you still have the receipt. Many stores offer cash refunds for items that are returned in good condition, though purchases made on credit cards are almost always credited back to the card.

Internet marketplace Craigslist is an effective tool to sell items quickly. Just about anything can be sold on Craigslist, as long as it?s legal. The site?s local focus means that users can often post items for sale, communicate with buyers and arrange a transaction all in the same day. The face-to-face nature of the site?s interactions also cuts down on the possibility of scams.

Local salvage yards and recycling centers often buy scrap metal at fair prices, offering payment immediately. Simply searching around the house, basement, garage or storage shed can often reveal stray metal items that can be converted into quick cash.