How Do You Make Money Without a Job?


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Making money without having a job is possible through taking online surveys, working as a freelancer or starting a business, according to Money Pantry. Many opportunities are available to those with access to the Internet.

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Starting a new business provides an opportunity to earn money without a job, notes Forbes. Hard work, a valuable product or service, and an office location are necessary before most business owners become successful and earn a strong return on investment. Tutoring, pet care and lawn maintenance are examples of business ideas.

Selling a product, taking surveys or renting assets are other ways to make money without working, suggests Money Pantry. Sources of quick cash may include selling unnecessary household goods or donating blood plasma to a health care facility. Lending assets, such as an extra bedroom or a car, may also bring money with limited effort.

Investing money is another great source of additional cash that requires little effort, recommends The Motley Fool. Savings, such as 401(k) accounts, earn interest that compounds and grows over time with limited activity. Investments with limited risk and strong returns are the best choice for earning money without working. As interest is earned, the profit can used for other investments to increase savings over time.

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