How Do You Make Money Gooseneck Hauling?


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Make money hauling with a gooseneck trailer by starting a hotshot trucking company, which involves applying for the appropriate license and certifications for each state in which you plan to operate and reaching out to local manufacturers and agricultural production centers for work. You then deliver the goods to the destination according to the needs of the client, typically on a single-job basis.

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Hotshot trucking is a delivery method in which a manufacturer or distributor needs to transport a single load of cargo that is not large enough to contract a freight logistics company to handle, thus hiring a contract driver to immediately pick up and deliver the load. Some hotshot drivers use gooseneck trailers to handle the loads because they provide greater stability and higher load capacities than bumper pull trailers, though they require special modifications to connect to a pickup truck.

This type of business requires you to obtain a license number from the Department of Transportation to operate as a motor carrier. You also need several types of insurance to cover yourself and your cargo in the event of an accident and business liability insurance. After obtaining insurance and the licenses to operate, you need to form contracts with local distributors and manufacturers or freight companies that subcontract jobs to line up work, typically receiving payment once the cargo arrives at its destination.

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