How Do You Make Money Delivering Phone Books?


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Make money delivering phone books as an independent contractor with companies such as Product Development Corporation. Check its website, DeliverYellow.com, for delivery areas and dates. Call the delivery site for the desired area to find out when to attend an orientation, or go the morning of a scheduled delivery date.

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Bring your driver's license and proof of current auto insurance to the orientation, which takes one to two hours. After registering, you select an available route, receive a GPS tracker to wear while delivering, and load your car with the phone books and protective plastic bags.

PDC pays by the route. Route payments depend on the number of deliveries in the route, the distance of the route from the delivery center and how many signatures are obtained from business recipients. When you finish a route, return the delivery log and GPS tracker. Once the site manager verifies your deliveries by calling to confirm receipt or driving to the route, you get paid. Verification may be that day or may take up to a week.

As an independent contractor, you use your own vehicle and pay for gas, though the company reimburses you for mileage.

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