How Do You Make Money As a 13-Year-Old?


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Resourceful 13-year-olds are ready for tasks such as babysitting, pet-sitting, yard work or tutoring. Young teens with technology skills can make money by helping adults to resolve issues with computers and mobile devices.

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Babysitting is a job that is available to teens who are responsible enough to care for infants and young children. Teens can often find babysitting work by offering to watch children for relatives or family friends. Teens with younger siblings may even be able to babysit for their own families! Pet-sitting is a good job for a 13-year-old who enjoys being around animals. Pet owners sometimes need a sitter for their dog or cat, and may hire teens to feed and play with pets while the owners are out of town. Another pet-related job is dog-walking. Dog-walking requires the ability to manage one or more dogs on a leash while walking outdoors.

Young teens who enjoy the outdoors can earn money helping out neighbors with yard work. This is physical labor that involves chores such as mowing lawns, clipping bushes, raking leaves and possibly helping out with a garden. Teens who would rather do mental tasks for money may find opportunities to help set up home computers for adults who lack technical knowledge. For example, teen technical assistants can charge fees for downloading and setting up computer software.

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