How Do You Make a Metro PCS Payment?

How Do You Make a Metro PCS Payment?

Making a Metro PCS payment involves logging into a Metro PCS account with a registered credit card or payment service, making a payment and then confirming that payment. The entire process takes only a few minutes once registration is complete and contact information is confirmed for the account holder by the service.

Registering with Metro PCS entails giving a phone number, address and other basic contact information. Users must also provide a payment method such as PayPal or a credit card.

  1. Register or sign in
  2. The customer must either make an account or sign into an existing one. Once signed in by entering user name, password and contact information, the user can see what payments are outstanding and what needs attention.

  3. Make payment
  4. The user can make a payment on an outstanding balance. This is accomplished through a registered form of payment, such as an online billing service like PayPal or through a registered and confirmed debit or credit card.

  5. Review and confirm payment
  6. The user has an opportunity to review the payment form and make sure all information presented is correct and in agreement with their own records. Once this is finished, the user confirms the payment and the transaction is complete.