How Do You Make Metal Nameplates?


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To make a metal nameplate, first print on inkjet paper a copy of the image being used. Use alcohol to scrub a piece of brass until clean. Place the inkjet paper image side down onto the brass, and use a clothes iron in the highest setting to melt the toner onto the metal. Use a paint roller to press the paper as close to the brass as possible. Heating and rolling should take approximately two minutes.

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Soak the brass in water for up to 10 minutes until you can peel the paper away. If the paper comes off in layers, soak it until all of it is removed. Use a brush to eliminate any paper remnants.

To etch the image further into the nameplate, mix copper sulfate with water in a plastic container. Use brazing rods to keep the nameplate submerged in the water. Connect a wire to one of the rods, and hook it to the positive terminal of a 12-volt battery. The current causes the copper sulfate mixture to heat and begin eating away at the brass.

Let the nameplate soak in the copper sulfate mixture for up to 45 minutes. Once removed, use paint thinner and a rag to remove any traces of toner left. Once dry, spray the nameplate with black primer. When the primer dries, use sandpaper to remove the primer from the raised spots on the etching, leaving a black outline of the image in the brass. Use polish to shine the nameplate if desired.

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