How Do You Make Your Merrick Bank Payment Online?

To make a one-time payment to Merrick Bank, sign into the online bill pay screen, then choose the payment account before choosing the amount to pay to the account. Options include paying the minimum payment, current balance or another amount over $15.

It is also possible to set up recurring payments through the Merrick Bank website. To do this, choose the option to set up a recurring payment, and enter the amount to pay each month. The amount of the payment must either be the minimum payment due or an ending balance on the statement. Recurring payments are made to the account each month on the payment due date. It is possible to also stop recurring payments through the Merrick Bank website.

In addition to paying a Merrick Bank payment online, it is also possible to make a payment by mail or by phone. The bank accepts money orders, cashier's checks and personal checks. If sending the payment by mail, it is important to ensure the payment has enough time to go through processing, up to 10 days, as to not receive a late fee. If paying online, a confirmation page is available showing payment, but if paying by mail or phone, keep track of payments in another way.