How Do You Make an Inventory List for a Bar?

How Do You Make an Inventory List for a Bar?

Good bar inventories include a listing of all liquor stock plus supplies like glasses and foods like nuts. Putting the inventory into a spreadsheet allows easy monitoring with weekly checks.

Liquor stock, bar food and supplies are the heart of a bar business. Organizing an inventory list for a bar involves making an accurate count then managing the inventory systematically in three steps.

  1. Physically gather and count inventory
  2. Counting inventory includes counting liquor stock, all supplies (glasses, cups, receipt paper) and all bar foods (for appetizers, sandwiches, etc.). Group like items together to make them easy to find.

  3. Use as much technology as much as possible
  4. Basic technology like spreadsheets are a must for mom and pop bars to bar chains. Spreadsheets allow easy tracking. Point of sale register that can connect to a computer also aids in tracking inventory. There are many useful online aids but require research to find a good fit.

  5. Systematically count and manage inventory
  6. An accurate inventory is only as good as ongoing management practices. At the minimum, count inventory every month. Most bar and hospitality inventory sites recommend weekly counts. Also, put procedures and security measures in place to control inventory. Train staff to use procedures and hold staff accountable when they miss procedures.

Accurate inventory management means having enough stock to serve customers, identify cyclical problems, prevent theft and manage bar profits.