How Do You Make an Insurance Claim on a Stolen Car?


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When making an insurance claim on a stolen car, file a police report, notify your insurance company of the theft and possibly file a homeowner's insurance claim to cover any losses not covered by your vehicle's comprehensive coverage, according to CarsDirect. While police search for the stolen vehicle, you may be able to drive a rental car. Additionally, you might receive enough money from your insurance company to buy a new car.

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File a police report as soon as possible after discovering that your car has been stolen, as CarsDirect advises. Quick action improves the chances of police successfully recovering the stolen vehicle, and it looks less suspicious to an insurance company than waiting to file a report on a vehicle that has obviously been stolen. Notify your insurance provider about your stolen car only if you have comprehensive coverage because collision coverage doesn't include the theft of your vehicle. Include the police report with any claim you make.

When filing a homeowner's insurance claim for lost items not covered by your auto insurance policy, you need to show receipts for those items to provide proof of ownership, according to CarsDirect. Depending on who handles your car insurance and homeowner's insurance, you may have to work with more than one insurance company to receive compensation for your vehicle and belongings.

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