How Do You Make an Incubator?


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The procedure for making an incubator starts with preparing or modifying a box or a container, such as a glass fish tank. Organize the source of light, such as a small lamp with a 74 watt light bulb, and add a thermometer to the incubator. Attach a dimmer switch to assist in regulating temperature and the amount of light in the incubator, and keep it ready for use.

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How Do You Make an Incubator?
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  1. Modify a fish tank

    Get a container, such as a glass fish tank, and measure its opening. Cut a clear larger piece of plastic to make a door for the fish tank. Using duct tape, attach the plastic to the top of the fish tank and secure it on the tank’s bottom. The plastic must hang past the bottom of the opening.

  2. Place a lamp and thermometer

    Position the aquarium close to the power outlet to plug in the lamp. Place a small lamp in the back of the fish tank and run the cord past the edge of the door, along the tank. Place the thermometer inside the clear plastic in the back of the fish tank. Ensure that you can see the thermometer without opening the makeshift plastic door.

  3. Attach a dimmer switch

    Attach a dimmer to your lamp to help you achieve the ideal level of light and temperature in the incubator. The dimmer switch saves you the trouble of opening the incubator to change a light bulb to a lower wattage or when you want to create more heat.

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