How Do You Make a Great Resume?


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A great resume includes a link to the applicant's online profile, consistent branding throughout, an executive summary rather than an objective statement, reverse chronological order and descriptions of the companies the applicant has worked for in the past. An effective resume should also be tailored to an industry.

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Since hiring managers usually research a job candidate online before offering him a position, the applicant should include a link to his online profile on his resume. This is also useful in the event that there is more than one individual who has the applicant's name.

An executive summary describes the applicant's professional experience, his skills, his interests and what he is hoping for in his professional future. This summary should be roughly three to five sentences. A resume written in reverse chronological order gives the company a chance to quickly see the applicant's most recent experience.

When an applicant lists descriptions of the companies he has worked for in the past rather than just the names of the companies, the hiring manager can get an idea of how large the companies were and the type of industries the applicant is familiar with. An applicant should also tailor company descriptions to highlight his professional goals.

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