How Do You Make a Good Resume in Spanish?


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A well-written Spanish resume features all the same information as an English resume, such as related work experience, education and accolades. The applicant's contact information and relevant skills should also be listed on a resume.

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A good Spanish resume highlights an applicant's relevant work and educational experience. Consider listing these in separate sections with detailed information on how much time was spent at each location. Furthermore, provide contact details for previous supervisors who are willing to provide positive references.

Another important section to include is the relevant skills. This section shows potential employees that you understand what types of work are necessary to complete the job, as well as indicating how proficient you are. If you speak both English and Spanish, this is the appropriate place to list your bilingualism. In some situations, the ability to speak English significantly improves one's chance of receiving the job.

Other important information to include on a resume includes contact information and any accolades you may have received. This is especially important for industry-specific awards that speak highly of an applicant's level performance abilities. In terms of content and organization, there are no significant differences between a resume written in Spanish versus an English resume.

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