How Do You Make a Good Resume?


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As a document that presents the skills and work history of a person, a resume is the most important part of a job application. If it features bad writing and poor presentation, it can negatively impact a person’s chance of getting a job. To write a great resume, a person needs to make sure that it demonstrates the right combination of skills, qualifications, professionalism and education.

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The length of a resume is not preset. It varies depending on the amount of experience and education a person has, in addition to the breadth of his skills. A good resume contains only relevant information, regardless of its size. It’s better to have a succinct and accurate one-page resume than a multiple-page resume that contains unnecessary information.

A resume should list the contact information first, followed by the opening statement. Next, it should contain the list of skills that are relevant to the job for which a person is applying. Career overview, education and qualifications should follow after that. The resume should conclude with employment history and references. Certain elements can be omitted or rearranged in a way that fits the purpose of a particular job application.

It’s important to initially stress the relevant work experience and skills that relate to the job. Listing examples of achievements relevant to the job, alongside using specific keywords, serves to personally tailor the resume and ensure a positive response.

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