How Do You Make a Gold Mining Claim in Alaska?


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To make a gold mining claim in Alaska, locate the land and land description, find out if the land is open for mining, and conduct research to determine there are no prior mining claims. Physically stake out the claim, file a claim form, and pay the fees.

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Use U.S. Geological Land Survey maps to locate the area you are interested in, and find the legal description of the land through topographical maps catalogued by meridian, township, range and section in U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Alaskan land records. Study Master Title Plats at the Bureau of Land Management Public Information Center, and research specific mining claims in the Land Information System and Mining Claim Information System to find out if previous claims exist or the land is free for mining.

To stake and file a claim, a miner must make a discovery, but to stake and file a prospecting site, no discovery is necessary. The maximum size for a claim is 1,320 feet by 1,320 feet, whereas a prospecting site can be twice as large. For either a claim or prospecting site, physically stake the area by planting four corner posts at least 3 inches in diameter and 3 feet off the ground with a claim notice on the northeast post that states the name of the claim, your name and address, date of posting, date of discovery, and the dimensions and location. File claim forms and pay fees at the Alaska Division of Mining.

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