How Do You Make Employee Forms?


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Businesses can make their own employee forms for employees using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or other common software. Employee forms that are mandated by the state or federal government are available on the websites of the government entity that issues the requirement.

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For example, IRS forms for new employees, such as Form W-4, are available on the IRS.gov website. Some office supply stores, such as Office Depot, offer free downloadable business forms of all types on their website, eliminating the need for a business to make their own. If a business wishes to create custom forms, Adobe Acrobat Pro, or a free alternative such as Scribus, can be used to make a professional interactive form.

The form creator can add a function to the form so that when the user filling out the form clicks "submit," the form information is gathered electronically into a consolidated spreadsheet. This automates the data entry needed to convert information gathered on a form into a format that allows for data analysis. If the data gathered on the form contains sensitive information about the employee, the business should avoid transmitting the information electronically, to ensure the security of the data. For simple surveys, Google Drive also offers a form creator, which is very easy to set up to send out the form electronically and gathers the collected data in spreadsheet.

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