How Do You Make a Doctor's Appointment With Kaiser Permanente?

Patients of Kaiser Permanente can schedule appointments online or over the phone, according to The Permanente Medical Group. Routine or follow-up appointments for adult medicine, pediatrics, optometry and women's health can be done online.

To make an appointment online, the patient needs his medical records number, or MRN, name and birth date, explains The Permanente Medical Group. If he is making an appointment for someone other than himself, he needs to have prior authorization. If the patient has not registered at the Kaiser Permanente website, he needs to do this first before attempting to schedule an appointment online. Children who are 12 and younger need a parent to schedule their appointments; however, Kaiser allows teenagers who are at least 13 years old to create an account at and schedule their own appointments.

Telephone appointments are also possible, notes The Permanente Medical Group. Consult the Kaiser Permanente website for the phone number for the particular region. Appointments by phone are also necessary for certain visits, such as prenatal visits, mental health appointments and urgent appointments including same-day and next-day appointments. If needing two separate appointments in the same day, call Kaiser instead of trying to schedule an appointment online. Have the MRN ready before calling.