How Do You Make Custom Silicone Wristbands?


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To make custom silicone wristbands, first measure your wrist and add at least 1/2 inch to the final measurement for the length of the wristband, and then choose a width for your wristband. Lay a silicone sheet on a flat surface and use a clear graph ruler to measure out the wristbands. Use sharp scissor to cut the sheet for smooth edges.

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Take a wristband and lay it on a flat work surface. Use a letter-type stencil on the surface of the band and trace a word or message with a permanent marker. Alternately, free-hand your name, a motif or a drawing. Avoid adding artwork at the 1/2-inch end of the band.

Add silicone glue to the 1/2 inch end of the band and overlap the other end over the adhesive in a circular shape. Hold the ends together for one to two minutes until the band bonds to itself. Place the band on a flat surface and allow the adhesive to completely cure, following the glue manufacturer's recommended drying time. Be careful not to add glue to more than the 1/2 inch so that the band fits your wrist comfortably.

Repeat this process until you create as many bands as you desire. Consider varying the size of the bands if you are selling them or giving them away to other people. Change the designs and colors used, if desired.

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