How Do You Make Custom Parking Passes?

There are several different approaches to creating customized parking passes including designing and printing passes on an office computer or hiring a professional printing company to do the job. Those who choose to do the job themselves can use programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel in conjunction with a standard office laser printer to create customized parking passes with relevant information and even scannable barcodes, notes Professional printers may be able to provide additional services such as printing parking pass decals that pass holders can stick onto their vehicles.

Two popular forms of parking permits are hang tags and stickers. Hang tags have a loop that fits over a car's rear-view mirror. These tags typically have a large hole with a slit toward the top of the tag, allowing the user to replace and remove the tag as needed.

Parking stickers or decals can be cut into shapes that allow for an extra layer of security, making them harder to forge. Either one of these types of parking passes can be customized through the addition of personalized features such as a company or school logo, notes

Designers can also choose custom elements such as different parking pass colors. For example, parking passes for a college could include different colors to distinguish between students, staff and faculty.