How Do You Make a Company Logo?


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To make a good company logo, use simple and clear imagery, plain text or a combination of both. Ensure it is unique and memorable, presenting your professionalism and quality in business.

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First, spend time looking at other companies and what makes their logos stand out. Decide on the elements to have in your company logo, such as symbols depicting what your business is about. This is the first thing your potential clients see.

You can attempt a sketch on paper or basic design software if you have the skills. A simple visual draft of what you want to create helps when brainstorming your company logo. If on a tight budget, use a free online logo design service. Most of these generate a logo based on information you provide about your general line of work.

Another way of creating a company logo is by engaging other people. You can create an online competition offering a prize for the best design. This is a sure way of collecting as many samples as possible.

For a higher fee, you can engage the services of a professional graphic designer to create a variety of logo concepts from which you will pick one and refine. Often, professional service providers can get you a logo, letterhead, printed business cards and other stationery, all delivered as a package. Before settling on the final design, it is important to get feedback about your logo. Family, friends and colleagues provide invaluable insights.

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