How Do You Make a Business Plan?

How Do You Make a Business Plan?

Writing a business plan involves providing details about your company's products or services as well as your target market, competition, management structure and finances. A business plan includes several sections, and it projects your company's future up to five years ahead.

  1. Write an executive summary

    Write a short summary of your business, and briefly describe your products or services. If you are seeking financial backing or other assistance, describe what you need in this section.

  2. Provide a business description and market analysis

    Describe your particular industry, and discuss your assumptions about the industry's future. Provide a market analysis that details what type of consumer buys your products. Explain how your company serves this market.

  3. Complete a competitive analysis

    Examine all the businesses that compete with your company, listing both online businesses and physical stores. Write about what your competitors do well and what they do poorly, and explain how your company excels above and beyond the competition.

  4. Write about your products

    Use this section to describe the complete details of your products or services and provide a step-by-step description of how an item or service is created and sold. Explain the history of each product, and describe how the consumer uses the item or benefits from the service.

  5. Explain your management and operations plan

    Provide a flow chart or other structure that explains who does what within your company. Give a short summary of your operational expenses.

  6. Examine your financial details

    Provide details about your cash flow, your capital investment and your ongoing financial needs. Explain how you handle repaying your investors.