How Do You Make a Billing Invoice?


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Make an invoice in a word processing or spreadsheet program by entering your name and contact information at the top along with the name of the person or entity you are charging and an itemized list of charges beneath it. Sites such as InvoiceTo.me allow you to generate invoices online.

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How Do You Make a Billing Invoice?
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A billing invoice is a document used by a contractor or business to inform another party of the need to pay for goods or services. It must always include the name of the person or company issuing the invoice at the top of the document, along with an address, phone number and email address so that the receiving party may pay the invoice. It should also clearly identify the party that needs to issue the payment in this area, either by name or with a short explanation of the reason for the invoice. Beneath this area should be a list of all goods or services with outstanding payments and the associated costs.

Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word feature tools for entering tables that make it easier to organize different billable services and costs. Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel also offer structure for grouping services, invoice numbers, product numbers and costs. To write longer strings of words in a cell, open its formatting options and turn off Word Wrapping.

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