How Do You Make Big Money?


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It is difficult to make big money right away in any career, but taking risks and working hard are two ways to point oneself in the right direction. Most employees do not push themselves. Using this to one's advantage can set oneself up for raises and promotions.

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Companies value risk-takers, because they think outside the box and work hard to prove themselves. If one takes professional risks, one becomes a more valuable employee. While one's company may not provide big money right away, one's actions get one noticed by higher-level management and put one in the running for big promotions and raises when they become available.

Working hard while taking risks shows that an employee means business. Volunteering for tasks that others do not want to do may earn appreciation and admiration from one's bosses, as well as increase one's value with the company. If one tries volunteering for tough projects but still does not feel fairly compensated in the position, one might consider switching to another company. Changing companies nets an average raise of 10 to 20 percent, according to Forbes. This is an excellent way to open new opportunities and lead the way to big financial rewards down the road.

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