How Do You Make a Bid Sheet?


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To make a bid sheet for a silent auction, use a computer program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Include the relevant information about the object. Make a table for the bidders to list their bids on.

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  1. Open a computer document

    Open a Word or Excel document. Make the font at least 12 points large, and pick a readable font. Use a white or light-colored piece of paper. Make one bid sheet for each auction item.

  2. Add relevant information

    The bid sheet should have the name of your organization and its logo, if desired. Include the catalog number of the item as well as the title and a description of it. Add the donor's name and the value of the item. Type in the starting bid and the minimum raise, which is the minimum amount a bid must be over the previous bid. You may also include a "Win-it-now" price or "Guaranteed price," which is the price a bidder may buy the item at immediately with no further bidding. This price should be about 150 percent of the item's value.

  3. Create a table

    Create a table for the bidders to list their bids. Include one column for the bidder numbers and one column for the bids. Using bidder numbers instead of the bidders' names helps keep the competition friendly and anonymous. The bid sheet should have about 20 rows for people to list their bids.

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