How Do You Make an Ad for Employment?


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An employment job ad should include a compelling job title, subheadings, bullet points and keywords related to the job position. In addition, a well-written job ad must include information important to candidates, such as type of work environment, career advancement opportunities, location, compensation and work/life balance.

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Create a job title specifically for the job ad that shows up in online search results and entices good candidates to click the ad. Ad job titles are marketing tools, and don't have to match the official organization job title. Use subheadings to break up content, making the ad easier to read. Bullet points in ads serve to highlight job skills required for the position. Bullet points can also highlight key benefits offered by the employer.

Research keywords that job applicants are likely to use to search for the position and include them in the ad. Targeted keywords give the ad more visibility on job boards. Include important benefits that top job candidates want most. Provide some information about the workplace environment, in addition to listing required skills. Explain why the workplace is challenging, fun and rewarding.

Describe how the position is a good one for career advancement. Make the job ad stand out by sharing a few details about the company culture. Describe perks, activities or special days observed.

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