What Are Some Major Worldwide Banks?


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The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China tops most rankings of major worldwide banks, followed by the China Construction Bank and the Agricultural Bank of China. Major worldwide banks based in the United States include JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Bank of America. European Union banks making the list of the world's major banks include the Credit Agricole Group, France, Germany's Deutsche Bank and HSBC Holdings, based in the United Kingdom.

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Major world banks based in Japan include the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and the Japan Post Bank. Banco Santander, Spain, and the UBS Group AG based in Switzerland are also among major worldwide banks.

Assets are one factor used to determine which banks are deemed the world's largest. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's assets total over $3.45 trillion in 2015 and the China Construction Bank, $2.8 trillion. HSBC Holdings slightly edge the major U.S. based banks with $2.57 trillion in assets. Among the U.S. banks on the 2015 major worldwide bank lists, J.P. Morgan showed assets of $2.45 trillion and Bank of America, $2.15 trillion.

Other factors used in ranking the world's major banks, which account for differences between the institutions that publish rankings, are sales, profit and market values. Rankings of major worldwide banks are published by Forbes, Bankrate and Relbanks, among others.

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