What Are Some Major Products Produced by Dayton Electric Mfg Co?

Dayton Electric Manufacturing Co. of Lake Forest, Illinois, is a major manufacturer of pumps, motors, tools, industrial cleaning equipment, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. In addition, the company makes welding, safety, machining and plumbing equipment among other products.

Dayton's top-rated HVAC equipment includes fans, exhaust fans, blowers and roof ventilators. It also makes electric, hydronic, gas, oil and kerosene heaters; and air conditioners, filters and HVAC controls. Its top sellers in HVAC are air circulators.

Dayton manufactures motors ranging from 1/500th to 50 horsepower. It offers capacitor start motors, farm-duty motors, air-compressor motors, jet/well pump motors and power-tool motors. The company also makes HVAC motors and motor supplies. Its bestselling motors are smaller motors that generate 1 horsepower or less.

In materials handling, Dayton makes hoists and trolleys, hand trucks, pallet jacks, material lifts and winches. Among its best sellers in materials handling are rope clips, grab hooks, rope sleeves and stop sleeves.

Dayton's top categories of pumps include centrifugal pumps; rotary pumps; drum and barrel pumps; and sump, effluent and sewage pumps. It also has fuel and oil transfer pumps, pool and spa pumps, and pump accessories and controls. Among its bestsellers in pumps are an effluent pump, a utility pump and two submersible sewage pumps.