What Are Some Major Kiosk Manufacturers?


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Major kiosk manufacturers include Burgess Enterprises, SlabbKiosks and Zivelo. Burgess Enterprises specializes in food and beverage kiosk units that can be used indoors or in outdoor settings. Among the kiosk types produced by SlabbKiosks are self-service check-in and check-out, human resources and micro-markets. Zivelo makes several types of kiosks, including models for banking, gift registration and photo-taking.

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Burgess Enterprises offers several models of espresso kiosks for shops that sell brewed coffee beverages. Its donut, cookie, smoothie and juice kiosk models are suitable for specialty food and beverage vendors, and several models include display cases and ample counter space.

Airports and hotels are suitable places to display self-service check-in and check-out kiosk units made by SlabbKiosks. This type of kiosk allows customers to handle simple tasks such as checking into a hotel or a specific flight at an airport without waiting for help at a reservation desk. Self-service kiosks are also used at grocery stores and shops, and customers scan and pay for items using various payment methods.

Human resources kiosk models are designed to service large groups of employees, and they are programmed to provide updated information related to employment. Zivelo produces on-site banking kiosks for financial institutions, which reduce customer wait times. Its off-site banking kiosk models offer people a convenient way to conduct banking transactions and pay bills.

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