What Are the Major Industries of Missouri?

The manufacturing industry is vital to the economy of Missouri, which is home to more than 7,000 manufacturing firms. The food industry sector ranks as the top employer, followed by advanced manufacturing sectors. Other major industries in the state are the agriculture, mining and service industries.

The service industry provides more job opportunities and income than any other sector. Although the state has a long history with the manufacturing industry, the service sector has progressed and has grown to be important. Missouri has a diversified service economy and provides services in a variety of service groups, including in private health care, data processing and hotels. The growing travel and tourism sectors in the state also largely contribute to the state's economy. Each year, millions of tourists travel to Missouri to take part in annual music festivals where they can listen to live country music shows.

Missouri is rich in natural resources, making agriculture one of the top industries. The state grows a number of cash crops, such as corn and wheat. It's also one of the largest producers of turkey, hogs and beef cattle, which contributes to its place among the top producers of hay. Missouri has a large deposit of lead and is one of the leaders in mining lead in the United States. Other metal ores mined in Missouri are zinc, silver and coal.