Who Are the Major Electricity Providers in Florida?


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The major electricity providers in Florida include Duke Energy, Florida Public Utilities, Florida Power and Light and Gulf Power. There are also several regional electricity providers that operate throughout the state in both a private and non-profit capacity.

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Duke Energy is the largest U.S. electric power holding company, providing service to over 7 million customers across the nation. Its primary areas of service are Florida, as well both North and South Carolina and some parts of the Midwest. It also offers natural gas distribution in Kentucky and Ohio.

Florida Public Utilities first began providing power to the state in 1924. In 2009, it was acquired by Chesapeake Utilities, which had previously operated a subsidiary within the state called Central Florida Gas. The entity provides both electricity, propane and natural gas services to both commercial and residential buildings throughout Florida.

Florida Power and Light is the third-largest electric company in the United States, with an estimated 4.7 million customers throughout the state of Florida. One of the company's major focuses is reducing the overall cost of electric coverage to consumers. Florida Power and Light had reduced its customers utility bills to 25 percent below the national average with the use of fuel-efficient power plants, according to internal reports.

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