What Are Some Major Companies That Sponsor Philanthropy Events?


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Apple, ExxonMobil and General electric are all companies that sponsor philanthropy events, notes the Double the Donation website. Each company supports different types of events, allowing both corporate employees and volunteers to participate.

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Apple has the Global Volunteer Program that is available to retail and corporate employees. The program allows time for each employee to effectively organize volunteer events in local communities. Apple also regularly contributes matching donations to zoos, schools and museums, states the Double the Donation website..

ExxonMobil promotes a volunteer grant program that gives a $500 grant to an employee who volunteers for 20 hours at a non profit organization. Employees have the option to apply for up to four grants in a given year. In addition, the company takes pride in the Esso Education Foundation, which focuses on and contributes to malaria prevention and treatment, math and science education, and women's economic opportunity, mentions the Double the Donation website.

The General Electric program focuses on health, education, skills and entrepreneurship, public policy and giving programs, reports the Double the Donation website. General Electric hosts man events related to supporting minorities and providing support to higher-education institutions. The GE matching gift program matches donations made by employers dollar for dollar.

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