What Are Some Major Companies That Hire People Over 50?


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Major companies that hire people over 50 include American Airlines, Eastman Kodak, Edison International and Smithfield Foods. People who apply for jobs in these Fortune 500 companies may be less likely to encounter age bias.

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People over 50 years of age should tailor their resume to focus on the last 15 years of experience to avoid appearing over-qualified to hiring managers, listing only the experience that is relevant to the specific position in question. Mentioning retirement or semi-retirement is a good way to fill gaps in the resume if out of work for a long time. Job seekers over 50 should tailor their resumes and cover letters to target a specific job posting rather than sending the same documents to multiple employers.

Signing up for computer and software skills classes at community colleges and local libraries helps for older people acquire needed technology skills.

Career-based social media sites such as CareerSonar, SimplyHired and LinkedIn are good places to find peers who can offer recommendations when looking for a job. Older job seekers should show willingness and enthusiasm to work with people of different age groups. Mentioning athletics and active hobbies that one is involved in helps older people to appear productive and energetic to prospective employers.

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