What Are Some Major Banks in Houston?

What Are Some Major Banks in Houston?

Some major banks in Houston, Texas include Bank of Texas, Chase Bank, Bank of America and the Independent Bank. Chase Bank and Bank of America have a nationwide presence, while Bank of Texas and Independent Bank are major financial institutions in the state.

The Bank of Texas offers personal and business checking and savings accounts. The bank features auto loans, home equity loans, mortgages and personal lines of credit. It offers credit card services through Visa. Business customers can open lines of credit or use online payroll services through the bank. Both business and individual customers have access to online banking.

Chase Bank offers personal and business checking and savings accounts as well as personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, investment opportunities and an extensive line of credit cards issued through Visa. The bank features online banking and bill pay.

Bank of America features individual checking and savings accounts, options for student banking and online banking. The bank's small business options include checking and savings accounts, wealth management tools, payroll services, and remote deposit.

Independent Bank features 40 locations throughout the state and offers individual and business savings and checking accounts, loan options, and certificates of deposit as well as online banking.