What Is a Maintenance Technician Test?

Individuals applying for a maintenance technician job are sometimes required to take and pass a certified maintenance technician test. The exam's purpose is to assess and validate the skills and expertise of new maintenance technician professionals and even veteran technicians in a certain field. Passing the test signifies that an individual has the knowledge and skills required to perform the job.

Ramsay Corporation, a privately held consulting company and test distributor, facilitates three maintenance technician levels. AIDT, another independent agency and a top workforce training agency in Alabama, also offers an industrial maintenance technician assessment program. The exam evaluates each candidate's ability in several areas, which include mechanical power transmission, metal fabrication, pneumatic circuits, welding, pipe fitting, machining and die repairing. An individual applying for an apartment maintenance technician position can complete the National Apartment Association's certification program, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Depending on the facilitator of the exam, the individual might need to undergo a written and performance-based assessment to qualify as a maintenance technician.

Maintenance technician tests help company managers ensure that they hire highly skilled technicians. These tests also allow aspiring maintenance technicians to enhance their credibility and earn a certification recognized across all manufacturing industries.